Ha'apai Photos
Two idols are better than one?
Your basic herd o' squid
Longnose filefish
Rabbitfish, sans carrot
Yes, I need a nudibranch book.
Tapana Island
Triton trumpet
I know, I know, its a nudibranch.
Still looks like bird poop to me.
Someone told him
what calamari is.
Reticulate dascyllus
Hmm, one too many
Lettuce coral
Ovula (live
egg shell)
Pink anenomefish
Shh, I'm trying not to be seen.
No really its a fangblenny,
I couldn't make that up.
I didn't have quite this
in mind when they said
seaside room..
Underwater embroidery
Dwarf hawkfish
Boxfish on acid
Cone shell
Yet another nudibranch, but,
they stay still!
Soft coral
Christmas tree worm