Home, yes, that floating paradise....Okay, okay, leaking windows and frayed nets is more like
it. But, I've always liked a challenge.

Now that we are churning through the renovations, here are before and after shots.
This is the cockpit before we
added a solid bimini. Yes, we built
it ourselves. HEY, stop laughing,
get up there and put the main
One solid bimini built in our
garage. The neighbors still won't
forgive us.
Home of slapstick yoga and
fish flinging
New net battens
Older version of the
New nets
Ah yes, the observe the Catana in
its natural habitat, a boatyard in
Napa. Look, there's a parasite
bird on top....
We first sight the beast on the veld
in Napa...
Exterior Photos