Viani Bay Photos
Zebra lionfish
Don't know,
Antelia or Xenia?
Jellyfish stowaway
Nestled Christmas Tree Worm
An actual above water
Pink anemonefish
The White Wall Cave
Orange Soft Coral
Jewel Damsel
Indian Sea Star
See Anne, Jen does exist.
Juvenile Lionfish
Soulful Lionfish
Ginger, not Mary Anne
Soft Coral Bouquet
Must remember to go
to the dentist.
Leather Coral (?) up close
Lyretail  Angelfish
Common Lionfish
Sparkly Soft Coral
Arc Eye Hawkfish
Clarke's Anemonefish
Mushroom Coral (Fungiid)
Clearfin lionfish
What's over there?
Fire Dartfish
Nice condo