New Caledonia Log
What do you do when an elephant saunters in to your living room and settles down on the
loveseat? No one anticipates an elephant in ones house. Its exactly the sort of thing elephants just
don't do. You know that Something Should Be Done. However, what should that Something be?
You consult experts. You wail, gnash teeth, and desperately hope that the elephant will not decide
to tango through your house.

Our elephant is named Xavier. He is an out of season cyclone that puttered (perhaps roared?)
down from the Solomons, skirted Vanuatu and threatened New Caledonia. Since we are snuggled
up to a lovely dock and are within a quick jog to an equally lovely high and dry hotel we are only
mildly concerned. Okay, we are NOW mildly concerned, earlier we had the full on fluttery stomach
stage as we charged away from a remote anchorage and took everything flyable off the boat
hoping the silly storm did not decide to recurve smack dab into us.

At the moment Xavier seems to be politely heading away from us. This is giving us a chance to
enjoy the sunny side of New Caledonia. Richard is highly appreciative of the windsurfing and
topless beaches. Yes, as painful as it sounds the two do go together occasionally in a particularly,
ahem, bouncy sight. Jen is enjoying the chocolates, patisserie and fresh bread.

Oh yes, we are also enjoying the delightful little bout with ciguatera that we merrily distributed,
along with the fresh wahoo (fish), to a portion of the cruising community. We have reports of
wonderful neurological symptoms such as random itching, hot/cold sensation reversal and achy
muscles. Oh did I mention that drinking alcohol exacerbates the symptoms? Truly we have a
legacy among our fellow cruisers. Perhaps if I hide no one will pelt me with bilge water.

As soon as Xavier settles down we will take Momma Nature's hint and get the *bleep* to Australia.
Bundaberg to be exact. Where, if you haven't yet heard, Jen is ending her cruising career and
Richard will vacillate between continuing on with crew or sell the boat and wander back with Jen for
the land-based adventures to come.