Australia Photos (none taken in a zoo or game park)
I am
Do I smell espresso?
Is this really necessary?
Tsk, tourists!
I see you
Rainbow lorikeet
The elusive platypus
I hate it when the riff-raff show.
But, is it "i" before
"e" except after "c'?
Boab tree
Cattle egret
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
King Fern
Kookaburra, pre-hysterical call
Goanna tracks
Dude, try the brownies
Capricorn caves
Monitor trying not to be seen
Ward's Canyon
Honestly, do you think I
need a girdle?
Know a good dermatologist?
Outback blue
Psst, buddy, got seed?
Gimme fish, gimme, gimme,
A scrub turkey
bachelor pad
Hold still dear,
perhaps they'll
go away.
Carpet python
Carnarvon Gorge
Drat, caught in a
blueberry moment
Alice's bouquet