The Boat:
Mystic Rhythms is a Catana 44 built in 1993. She is 44 feet long and a
svelte 23 feet wide. This mere slip of a lass draws about 3 feet 8 inches,
all the better to explore distant beaches.
Catamarans are meant for sailing downwind. We have taken Mystic
Rhythms both downwind and upwind and found the ride comfortable even
in some seas.

Its a relatively fast boat, we are hoping for an average of 8 knots.
Downwind she can go much faster, up to 15 knots comfortably. More on
this as we play with her more.
In its current incarnation Mystic Rhythms has three berths and three,
yes, THREE heads.

The galley has a four burner gas stove and a medium sized oven.
There is also a refrigerator which we have just re-insulated.

In order to afford this trip, we are doing most of the work ourselves.
Progress is measured in small victories, (yeah! the hatches no longer
Mystic Rhythms